Human Capital Report

Human Capital

An online tool for reviewing human resource strategy
- because Investors value good management

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The Deliverables

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Who It Can Benefit

  • Your Workforce

    A Review catalyses discussion on people management practices and identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement.
    There is strong evidence that a well-managed workforce is a leading indicator of organisational success (See FAQs).

  • Investors

    Investors who adopt the 'buy and hold' strategy like to discuss an enterprise’s approach to people management. The Human Capital Report offers a systematic and valid way of doing this.

  • Your Board

    A Review helps:

    • Individual Executives (e.g. HR Director) to assess your people management practices
    • Integrate people management practices into your overall business plan
  • How to Benefit

    To initiate a Review:

    • Click on START above
    • Follow the instructions

The Process

  • Preparing

    Look through the Factors (See EXAMPLE).

    Assemble any documentation relating to the 12 Factors. Documentation will help justify your ratings.
    Decide on whether or not to use a Facilitator (See FAQs).

  • Reviewing


    • Download the optional questionnaire
    • Review the 12 Factors individually or as a team
    • Use the 2 rating scales for each Descriptor (relevance & state of play)
    • Consolidate individual ratings. Review results
    • Decide on progressing to the Client Report
  • The Client Report (Chargeable)

    • Generate a 'Radar' map of your ratings
    • List your strengths and opportunities for improvement
    • Extract key workforce financial ratios
    • Compare your Factor scores with benchmarks
    • Link to a format for developing your Human Capital strategy.

About Us

Over the last 30 years we have been involved in improving people management practices in clients such as Total Exploration and Production, PricewaterhouseCoopers, parts of the National Probation Service and parts of the National Health Service.