Craft Brewery

  1. Background: A small, newly established, rapidly growing business with plans for doubling in size in the foreseeable future.

  2. Product: locally produced cask, keg and can beer.

  3. Customers: local inhabitants, tourists and national trade customers.

  4. The Review Report confirmed that their existing people management practices were in line with, or better than the online comparison data (from circa 200 enterprises). Opportunities for improvement included:

    1. *  Ensuring key roles have meaning, discretion and regular feedback

    2. * Managing conflict (i.e. between departments) in order to encourage mutually beneficial results (win - win)

  5. Reason for the Review: The need to ensure the current Human Resource Strategy could cope with rapid expansion. In particular, the need to be able to recruit, motivate and retain good calibre staff.

  6. The Review Process:

    1. The Managing Director (MD) and Human Resource Director (HRD) used the pre-Review questionnaire to check that the relevant workforce and financial data were available

    2. A full Review was carried out by the MD and HRD. As they had few disagreements it took just over 2 hours.

    3. The MD commented ‘Not only is the tool simple to use, it is thought provoking and generates conversations in the room.  A valuable picture and report was generated to aid understanding of where we are as a business'