Theatre company

  1. Background: A well-established large Theatre Company keen to review their workforce, many of whom were contract workers.

  2. Product: Plays and Musicals

  3. Customers: both local and UK wide.

  4. Reason for the Review: Annual audit by Funders which required evidence of good people management.

  5. The Review Process:

    1. The pre-review took 2-3 hours because almost all data was available on one existing HR system.

    2. A full Review was carried out by the Head of HR (HHR) and Financial Director (FD) and took 4 hours.

  6. The Review Report reflected a high calibre HR strategy already existed and that contract employees were judged to be well managed.

  7. Opportunities for improvement included:

    • Basing work on an expectation of continuous improvement

    • Identifying people (internally or externally) to take over key roles in the event of resignations or retirements

    • Regulating the workforce age profile in order to avoid numerous vacancies occurring at the same time